M is for Macrame

First off I want to apologize for the lack of post last week, Josh and I have some amazing new adventures coming up and thats really where our focus was. So with that being said and in keeping with the Monday theme…I want to share my favorite things from last week and if you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should be, you can probably guess what it is. I have featured it on a few post and my stories…my amazing macrame earrings from Ally Rae Thread Co!! She is such a gem and she knows about my love of supporting local shops and artist so when she reached out to me about doing a collab, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

This is Ally, the mastermind behind Ally Rae Thread Co and I say mastermind because she makes some beautiful masterpieces. She makes the most amazing handmade macrame art for your walls, ears, and everything in between. I love her use of bringing nature in with using branches for the bases of her wall hangings. All of her pieces are so intricate that you can tell that she really loves this craft. She has even made some super cute custom pieces for dogs.

I am being 100% honest when I tell you these earrings are amazing. The boho vibe that they send out are so rad. Ally has now made me macrame crazy!! She has an amazing color collection of the earrings in the design that I have as well as two other handmade styles. The wall hangings that she has will give your home that finishing touch. She also makes some amazing custom wall hangings in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Josh and I are currently eyeing a few for our home! Ally has been super gracious and is letting me give all of my followers and readers 15% off your purchase with the code ASHLEY15 and she always offers free shipping!! Seriously go check out all of her creations on her Etsy shop because she is beyond talented.

You can find Ally at her Etsy Shop and her Instagram.

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