To Plan or Not to Plan…

To say that I am excited for this series to start on the blog would be the understatement of the year. I have been working and brainstorming for the posts that will be unfolding shortly on my favorite little corner of the internet. To me, my wedding was absolutely epic! It was the social event of 2019 and that is saying a lot since it occurred the first weekend of February. I 1000% fully enjoyed every aspect of planning my wedding from the second Josh proposed to the second we got in the town car, shut the doors and drove to our hotel. I loved it so much that I am actually going to start my own event company focused on planning weddings. There is just something about the hustle and bustle that really just inspires me. Was it stressful?? Absolutely, but I am a perfectionist and it was the most rewarding feeling when I look back on the photos of that whole day. Every little thing just fell into place that day and the feeling was just perfection.

So what will you find with this series?? The answer is EVERYTHING! At first I thought this series would maybe be 4 or 5 post. With all of the brainstorming, topics, and content I keep creating I think this might turn into a a huge series…after all this is what I would really like to do. Wedding planning just gives me so much peace and excitement (if that is even possible). I can remember myself as a little girl watching movies like The Wedding Planner with the fabulous J.Lo thinking thats what I want to do when I grow up (yes even fall in love with Matthew McConaughey but unfortunately I settled for Josh). I am so excited to go along on this journey with all of my current readers and my future brides to be.

I want to start this series by talking about honestly the one thing that I get asked most which is how do you know if you need a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. The answer is different for everyone. I personally knew that when Josh proposed that I was finally on the journey for something that I have been dying to do my whole life so I dove in head first and planned my own wedding. I did honestly everything and that worked for me. The only time that I ever seriously considered needing help was with the day of activities. Who was going to keep everyone on schedule, keep the day moving, and run all of the behind the scenes? I am very fortunate because this is something that my venue did provide for me. This was ok for me because they were able to keep the flow going for the day. They came and asked me what I needed and wanted and you know I had a schedule already made up. My amazing helper really helped me ease my stress the day of. The only thing that the venue did not provide to me was someone to set up my decor or do the tear down after the event. This was something that I had to do all on my own plus my amazing maid of honor.

The point of that whole story is before I started planning my wedding I thought a wedding planner and wedding coordinator were the exact same thing and I was totally wrong. Wedding planners sit down with you months in advance, sometimes even right after you are engaged. They sit with you and will help with everything from finding a venue and vendors all the way to logistically creating the whole day and making decisions for you. Wedding coordinators are someone you are working with just the month before to a few weeks before the big day. This would be for someone who just wants someone there the day of to make sure things run smoothly so you can just sit back and enjoy the day. When is comes to picking between the two, do you want someone to take the stress off of you, someone who can give honest recommendations of vendors, or someone who just makes sure you are staying hydrated and keeps everyone on schedule is what you need to ask yourself. If you are curious about the services that I offer or if you have questions about whether or not you need a planner or coordinator ASK ME!! I would love to help you out with any question you have about the planning process. Send me an email or find me on Instagram and ask away!!

i hope this both helps those of you who are newly engaged and who are currently planning weddings. I’m also hoping this gets y’all excited for the future of the series and for the new journey that I am embarking on. Coming up next week for Wedding Wednesday will be everything you need to know and do right when you get engaged. Of course I will be sharing the sweetest proposal brought to you by my amazing husband as well as what I learned from the engagement process. Until next time…

xoxo ashley

Photo Credit: Morgan Marie Weddings

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