The Ultimate & Free Treat Yo Self

Do you live in or around Toledo?? Do you love luxury skincare?? Are you interested in getting a skin care routine but have no idea where to even begin?? If you said yes to all three question then this blog post is especially for you!! If you didn’t know…Dillard’s at the Franklin Park Mall have the only Kiehl’s counter for about 100 miles..ok maybe not 100 miles but at least an hour away. Why is this such a huge deal you might be asking…well, let me educate you blog fam. You can always go to Sephora or even hop online to order anything from this brand but I don’t always recommend that and I’m going to tell you why.

Lately I have been having issues with my skin like a crazy lady which is  mostly likely stress induced. In order to help me with this skin and the stress, I made an appointment with my Kiehl’s girl Desiree. Here is reason number one why I don’t recommend purchasing Kiehl’s from one of the platforms that I mentioned above.. I made an appointment for a skin care consultation and a spa facial. Guess how much I paid for this…GIRL IT WAS FREE!! Yes you can make an appointment with either of the Kiehl’s girls to break it all down for you and pamper you for FREE. I know when you go to Sephora you have to pay for any service you get so why not just walk down the hallway of the mall a few extra feet for some free spa service?!

My Personalized Skin Care Routine

Have you ever gone to Sephora and looked around for someone to help you and you either A. can’t find anyone or B. once you find someone and you ask them a question, you have that feeling in your gut that they have no idea what they are talking about? I can honestly say that I know the feeling and it sucks. You hear about the hype of a brand or a product from an influencer but how do you know what product works for you?? This is why I prefer department store cosmetic counters. When you go to one you know that there is going to be someone there how will be able to help you AND you also know that they know what they are talking about. These girls work with this product exclusively and they are so highly trained that if you ask them a question you know that 100% they are telling the truth. The girls at this counter are no exception. I went in there and told her the issues that I am having and she hooked a sister up with recommendation based on my issues and my skin type. Who doesn’t love a customized routine just for you!!

Now, I am for sure a try before I buy kind of girl. I am normally a budget kind of girl when it comes to skincare and make-up. So if its more than like $15, then I need to do my research. My Kiehl’s girl knew this. Yes, I did have her give me the facial with the products that she hand selected for me but that was just a once over. I wanted to be able to use them at home and the next morning to really get the full effect for this. I was able to take home samples of everything she used on my face plus a face mask I was super curious about trying. I have never been to a spa or beauty store where they have made recommendations for me and I was actually able to take the whole regimen home to try myself. This is so key for me! If mama is going to spend some cash she wants to make sure she loves it. She sent me home with my little goodie bag and the best part is coming…she texted me to check in with me and ask me how my skin was doing. WHAT?!?! This is the best part of my experience. I told her I was absolutely loving everything she suggested and I will be in to purchase! The one on one experience you get from this counter is hands down amazing and I 11/10 recommend going in and speaking with Desiree or Ann to get your skin glowing and feeling its best!

Now that I have converted all of my Toledo area people…you need to go TREAT YO SELF!! The Kiehl’s counter is located in Dillard’s at the Franklin Park Mall They have the full line of product range and these girls are so knowledgeable. You can call them and schedule an appointment or just walk right in but I would recommend doing it this week because they are having a huge event this weekend. You can find some amazing products and they also have some really great deals going on too. Right now you can purchase items that total $75 you can get any item FREE and then when you purchase $100 you get a $20 gift card to use on a future AND there is a basket with over $500 of products that you can enter to win!! (Whew that is a deal!) You can contact the Keihl’s girls at 419- 473-9600 and ask for the Kiehl’s department. Go call and make your appointment and tell them Ashley sent you!!

The amazing gift et you can with with a purchase!!!

One thought on “The Ultimate & Free Treat Yo Self

  1. It was such a blast! Thank you for this great write up Ash! I’m glad you love Kiehl’s just as much as we do! P.S. You seriously have a gift babe! Come again any time! You know how we do!!!!


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