Life Happens…

Does anyone else feel like this year is seriously flying by or is it just me?? May went by in what seems like a blink and let me tell you what that blink was bittersweet. 

I feel like this is where an apology should be since I have been MIA but to be honest I don’t feel like one is needed. Life happens and sometimes to deal with that you just need some me time to decompress. This past month I have been been focusing on my own mental health and learning how to roll with the punches.

Life can be so funny. Sometimes you think you have everything planned out and then to be honest…shit just happens. Josh and I were so excited about moving and the next season in our lives but like I said life is funny. We just were not finding anything that made us feel like home. We made a hard choice but it was the best choice for us. We decided to pull our home from the market and plant more permanent roots here. 

Even though our season in this house is not over yet, we are looking forward to what life brings us next. Whether thats more pups or plants or even a little one, we are definitely looking forward to what the future holds for us. 

With all that being said, I am looking forward to the last half of this year. There are so many amazing things planned and in the works and I can’t wait to share them with y’all. 

On To Our Next Adventure

I want to start this post off with just thanking Josh. Since the day I met you, every single day has been an adventure. You make life so exciting and I seriously can’t wait for this next chapter of our life. I cant believe how fast and how amazing our journey through this strange thing called life has been. With that all being said, it’s now time for me to make the announcement of what has been taking up all of our free time…well besides being almost caught up and current on Game of Thrones (no one spoil this season for us please)…drum roll pleasseeeeee


Yes, Josh and I are going onto a new adventure in our lives. We have been working with the most amazing realtor in the Toledo area looking for houses and yesterday we have finally found one. I am putting this into the Universe..the house that we walked through yesterday WILL BE the house that becomes our forever home! Josh and I, but mostly Josh, have been working like busy bees to get our current house ready to go on the market and we are 95% of the way there. We just have a few minor things that we need to finish and if we can get Freyja to stop digging up her holes in the back yard that we have filled, we will be ready to go this weekend.

A lot of people have been asking and maybe a few of you are wondering why are we putting our house up for sale since we just moved in to our home last January. While this house has been the place where Josh proposed, we welcomed our fur baby into our lives, and where I planned the most epic wedding, we have actually outgrown our home in just a short year. So many things in our life together as a couple has changed and sadly it just doesn’t fit our current needs. We are ready for new adventures like growing our family and in order for us to grow, we need some more squared footage. We can’t wait to give our love to another fur baby and welcome a baby of our own into this new home, to host family and friends for holidays, and to create some amazing new memories!

Some of you might be wondering where in the world is it that we are going to live on this new adventure. While we have looked in so many places around Toledo, even looking at moving back to where I grew up in Michigan but Toledo is really where we want to be. The area that the house is located in and the house itself is everything we have envisioned for ourselves and our future family. It has everything we wanted and have been looking for including an office for this girl so maybe I can stop making coffee shops my office…it honestly does nothing for my iced coffee addiction except make me want it even more. 

We promise to keep everyone updated on our life and if you know anyone who is looking for the cutest little starter home in Toledo and thats in an amazing little neighborhood, please send them our way. We would love for someone else to make amazing memories in this house just like we have!

xo ashley

The Ultimate & Free Treat Yo Self

Do you live in or around Toledo?? Do you love luxury skincare?? Are you interested in getting a skin care routine but have no idea where to even begin?? If you said yes to all three question then this blog post is especially for you!! If you didn’t know…Dillard’s at the Franklin Park Mall have the only Kiehl’s counter for about 100 miles..ok maybe not 100 miles but at least an hour away. Why is this such a huge deal you might be asking…well, let me educate you blog fam. You can always go to Sephora or even hop online to order anything from this brand but I don’t always recommend that and I’m going to tell you why.

Lately I have been having issues with my skin like a crazy lady which is  mostly likely stress induced. In order to help me with this skin and the stress, I made an appointment with my Kiehl’s girl Desiree. Here is reason number one why I don’t recommend purchasing Kiehl’s from one of the platforms that I mentioned above.. I made an appointment for a skin care consultation and a spa facial. Guess how much I paid for this…GIRL IT WAS FREE!! Yes you can make an appointment with either of the Kiehl’s girls to break it all down for you and pamper you for FREE. I know when you go to Sephora you have to pay for any service you get so why not just walk down the hallway of the mall a few extra feet for some free spa service?!

My Personalized Skin Care Routine

Have you ever gone to Sephora and looked around for someone to help you and you either A. can’t find anyone or B. once you find someone and you ask them a question, you have that feeling in your gut that they have no idea what they are talking about? I can honestly say that I know the feeling and it sucks. You hear about the hype of a brand or a product from an influencer but how do you know what product works for you?? This is why I prefer department store cosmetic counters. When you go to one you know that there is going to be someone there how will be able to help you AND you also know that they know what they are talking about. These girls work with this product exclusively and they are so highly trained that if you ask them a question you know that 100% they are telling the truth. The girls at this counter are no exception. I went in there and told her the issues that I am having and she hooked a sister up with recommendation based on my issues and my skin type. Who doesn’t love a customized routine just for you!!

Now, I am for sure a try before I buy kind of girl. I am normally a budget kind of girl when it comes to skincare and make-up. So if its more than like $15, then I need to do my research. My Kiehl’s girl knew this. Yes, I did have her give me the facial with the products that she hand selected for me but that was just a once over. I wanted to be able to use them at home and the next morning to really get the full effect for this. I was able to take home samples of everything she used on my face plus a face mask I was super curious about trying. I have never been to a spa or beauty store where they have made recommendations for me and I was actually able to take the whole regimen home to try myself. This is so key for me! If mama is going to spend some cash she wants to make sure she loves it. She sent me home with my little goodie bag and the best part is coming…she texted me to check in with me and ask me how my skin was doing. WHAT?!?! This is the best part of my experience. I told her I was absolutely loving everything she suggested and I will be in to purchase! The one on one experience you get from this counter is hands down amazing and I 11/10 recommend going in and speaking with Desiree or Ann to get your skin glowing and feeling its best!

Now that I have converted all of my Toledo area people…you need to go TREAT YO SELF!! The Kiehl’s counter is located in Dillard’s at the Franklin Park Mall They have the full line of product range and these girls are so knowledgeable. You can call them and schedule an appointment or just walk right in but I would recommend doing it this week because they are having a huge event this weekend. You can find some amazing products and they also have some really great deals going on too. Right now you can purchase items that total $75 you can get any item FREE and then when you purchase $100 you get a $20 gift card to use on a future AND there is a basket with over $500 of products that you can enter to win!! (Whew that is a deal!) You can contact the Keihl’s girls at 419- 473-9600 and ask for the Kiehl’s department. Go call and make your appointment and tell them Ashley sent you!!

The amazing gift et you can with with a purchase!!!

M is for Macrame

First off I want to apologize for the lack of post last week, Josh and I have some amazing new adventures coming up and thats really where our focus was. So with that being said and in keeping with the Monday theme…I want to share my favorite things from last week and if you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should be, you can probably guess what it is. I have featured it on a few post and my stories…my amazing macrame earrings from Ally Rae Thread Co!! She is such a gem and she knows about my love of supporting local shops and artist so when she reached out to me about doing a collab, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

This is Ally, the mastermind behind Ally Rae Thread Co and I say mastermind because she makes some beautiful masterpieces. She makes the most amazing handmade macrame art for your walls, ears, and everything in between. I love her use of bringing nature in with using branches for the bases of her wall hangings. All of her pieces are so intricate that you can tell that she really loves this craft. She has even made some super cute custom pieces for dogs.

I am being 100% honest when I tell you these earrings are amazing. The boho vibe that they send out are so rad. Ally has now made me macrame crazy!! She has an amazing color collection of the earrings in the design that I have as well as two other handmade styles. The wall hangings that she has will give your home that finishing touch. She also makes some amazing custom wall hangings in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Josh and I are currently eyeing a few for our home! Ally has been super gracious and is letting me give all of my followers and readers 15% off your purchase with the code ASHLEY15 and she always offers free shipping!! Seriously go check out all of her creations on her Etsy shop because she is beyond talented.

You can find Ally at her Etsy Shop and her Instagram.

March Favorites

In keeping with my theme from my last blog, it’s time for me to talk about my favorite things! As you can see from the title of this post these are all of my favorite things from March. To start it all off, the number one of my favorite things that March has brought me is my blog!! I feel like my post last week really covered what this blog means to me and what amazing things it has in store for me. I just wanted to say thank you again to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive in this journey.

Something that Josh and I have really focused on this past month is spending quality time together. Whether this means scheduling time once a week for us to go out for a date night or stay in and just watch a movie at home while Josh makes us dinner (this usually means pizza or Uber eat but hey he tries). This month our favorite date nights have been going to hockey games. Beside rugby our two favorite sports to watch are hockey and baseball. How convenient is this that Toledo has both semi pro teams at our fingertips?? We love going and supporting our local teams and who doesn’t love a good hockey fight with a side of soft pretzel??

While date nights are something important to us, I make a solid effort every day of this month to make dinner at home for us. Some days I was crazy busy so to make this happen on days like that, I need to give a shout out to my crockpot!! Who doesn’t like to throw some stuff into a pot and just go on with their life…I know I do. Your girl is cooking a sorts of things like pot roast, bbq chicken, and my new favorite bacon wrapped meatloaf meatballs (yes I will be sharing this recipe soon!) This and my Keurig are the two most used items in my kitchen.

So most of the people in my life know that I have been in the beauty and cosmetic industry for at least 5 years now and I have specifically worked with the Estee Lauder Companies. With that being said, your girl knows her way around some skin care. So I am dry/combination skin type so I have always been on the hunt for something to make my skin feel super hydrated especially during the winter. So I bought the Tarte Maracuja Oil after reading a ton of reviews about how it has helped heal winter skin. Well it for sure lived up to the hype. I use this every night as my last step in my skin care routine. All I need is one pump and it covers my whole face. I wake up and my skin feels so soft and amazing. I noticed too that when I started using this oil, my skin started to clear up, my skin was brighter and firmer. My skin feels 100% better now that I have incorporated this into my daily routine. I would 10 out of 10 recommend this product to everyone.

Style wise this month I have switched it up. Don’t get me wrong I am still loving leggings as my go to bottoms (yes, leggings are pants in my humbled opinion). I am just your basic girl when it comes to fashion. I love a good tee, leggings, and a jacket. Recently, I have really gotten into those front tie henley shirts. They just look so cute and effortless and they go with everything. I have seen them styled with skirts and I love the boho vibe that it gives off. I have gotten mine from Target, Urban Outfitters, and even Amazon. Actually, one of my favorite ones is from Urban Outfitters because you can wear it tied or just buttoned all they way down and loose or my favorite way which is loose and then the front tucked in. I think these are a fall and winter staple that should be in everyones closet! I’ll link 3 of my favorites here:

Tan: Urban Outfitters Green: Target Rust: Amazon

If you know me, you know that one place that I frequently a few times a week. That place would be Target (my happiest place on earth). If you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should, you’ll know that one of my favorite places at Target is the Bullseye’s Playground aka the Dollar Spot. I honestly think last months picks were the best. They had so many things for the home. I know that I personally purchased little wall decor items, my favorite apothecary looking soap dispensers, and my $3 sunglasses. There is something for everyone in the dollar spot. If you have kiddos or other Easter baskets to fill right now would be the best time to check it out. 

I hope y’all enjoyed learning about all of my favorite things for March. If you try or purchase any of my favorites please let me know and tell me if you love them as much as I do. I also want to know what your favorite things in March were. Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite things for the month of March!!

Hey now, hey now

When I was younger, there was something that my mom would ask my brother and I before bed everyday: “What was the best part of your day?”. Even at thirty-one, she still asks me this every time I talk to her. I even ask my husband this every night before we go to bed. Since this has been such an important question in my life, I thought it would only be appropriate to included it in my blog. Instead of the favorite part of my day, every Monday I will be sharing my favorite part of the previous week. With that being said, I bet you can already guess what my favorite part of last week was. If you guessed what you are currently reading(aka this blog) then you get all the gold stars!!

This has seriously been such an amazing experience for me! For as long as I can remember, this has been on my mind, my bucket list, and my vision board. Something that has always held me back from pursuing blogging most of the time was my mindset. I just couldn’t get the negative thoughts out of my mind. I had so much self doubt and self destructing thoughts.”What will people think of me?” “Who will even read this?” “Will any of my friends and family support me”. These were just some of the thoughts that were holding me back. I would always hype myself up to start, but then talk myself back down. I’m very lucky that I married such an amazing man who always builds me up. Josh and I are always discussing our thoughts, wants, ands visions for lives. One night I told him everything that I was thinking about this blog. All of my dreams, wants, and visions. He told me to go for it. I then proceeded to tell him the things that were holding me back. He again told me to go for it and do what makes me happy. Now it’s at this point where I should have just put fingers to the keyboard and typed away. If you know me, you’ll know that I am a stubborn girl (and I normally ignore Josh anyways…sorry babe, but it’s one of many perks of being a husband). So I did what any girl would do, I turned on Netflix to center myself…this is normal right? I turned on one of my favorite Hilary Duff movies…A Cinderella Story. As I was watching the movie, I still had the blog on my mind. Do y’all remember in the movie when she’s at the diner and then the guitar falls off the wall and then you see that quote that her dad had up in the diner. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” Y’all that hit me right in the feels! Who would have thought it would take Lizzie McGuire to speak to me to get me grinding. That quote spoke so deep to me, what is the worst that could happen? I could write this and the only people who would read it would be my parents and husband or I could use that fear to be my fire and not care if I strike out. Think of this, how many baseball players step up to the plate and know what is going to happen? I don’t think any of them. The only thing that is certain is that the pitcher is going to throw the ball. Whatever happens after that is the batters call. Are you going to swing and hit, swing and miss or play it safe and not swing, either way they decide the fate.

A Cinderella Story

So there I was on my sofa watching this movie and it hits me. I am letting fear get in my way of going all in for my dreams. So with my new confidence given to me by the one and only Hilary Duff (I mean…could I have a better role model??) I told Josh it’s go time and I opened up my laptop and began to plan and create this wonderful masterpiece. And this my friends is what dreams are made of!!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

With all of that being said, I would like to give a shout out to all of my hype girls and guys. To all of my friends and family who send me such love and encouragement, you have no idea how much all of that means to me. Thank you again for all of the continued support and I can’t wait to continue this favorite thing with y’all!!

xo ashley

Well…Hello there…

If you’re reading this then well either I am just starting out on this crazy new journey in my life of blogging or I have become wildly successful and I have “click baited” you to come back and read how cringe-worthy my first ever blog post was. Either way…thanks for stopping by!

So I know you are probably here wanting to know more about my life…after all isn’t this what a blog is for??  A peak into the inner workings of what makes me tick or where did I get those booties or even how does she do the baller on a budget life?? Well friends, this blog is what will reveal all of my secrets!! Before I can tell you all about the secrets that I keep in my hair (that’s why my messy bun is so big..duh *insert basic girl emoji here*) I think I should divulge into who I am…

What’s up y’all, Ashley Runals here! Just your typical Target shopping, Amazon Priming, 31 year old housewife! I run on iced coffees and burrito bowls. Yes, you were able to put 2 and 2 together…I am so basic it hurts, but let’s embrace it people!! You can find me meal prepping by finding recipes on Pintrest and finding my life inspirations on Instagram. So why blog then Ashley?? If you know me on a personal level you know that I am the most outgoing person with social anxiety on the face of the earth; so this is the best way for me to share my life besides sharing videos on YouTube (baby steps y’all). I want to share my life and lifestyle and inspire others on this tiny place we call Earth.

What is my lifestyle you might be wondering? You won’t be finding me at the clubs on the weekends or on beach vacations every other weekend. You’ll find me scouring the dollar spot at Targets, hunting on Amazon finding dupes to my favorite designer duds, or even at local thrift stores finding those one of a kind pieces. You’ll find me on the sofa having a cuddle session with my black lab Freyja while we catch up on our favorite shows…right now I am introducing her to the Gilmore Girls and she’s obsessed. You can find me having a date night with my husband or curling up and hitting that Netflix life while enjoying that crock pot recipe from Pinterest. Either way, I would like to share my life with all of you and this seems like the most “me” way to do so. My blog will be filled with my favorite finds, my adventures with my hubby and my hype girl (aka Freyja), and little bits of my life.

Thanks for sticking around! I hope you have enjoyed this little snapshot into my life and a dash of witty banter. While you wait for my next post, make sure you are following me on Instagram at @ashleyrunals which is another place that I tend to share more of my life and my favorite finds. Until next time…

xo ashley